After the success of its first year, the Arena da Cerveja Artesanal will be back in 2019 and will present new features to the visitors: lectures, tastings and free consulting!

In addition to a space of exchange and knowledge with diverse and relevant contents on this growing market, the participants of the lectures, which will be taught by specialists of the Brazilian Beer Institute, will be able to taste beers, providing the complete experience to the visitor. The themes will range from production, management and product differentiation to ingredients. The program will be announced soon!

Still in the Arena, visitors can schedule a free short consultation of 15 minutes with ICB experts on topics such as the next steps to create a microbrewery, how to innovate the current portfolio of products for those who already produce beer and wants to expand the range of products, etc.

Meet the consultants:

Alex Moraes

Beer Sommelier and Master in Styles

Estácio Rodrigues

Entrepreneur e Sommelier

Luis Fernando Amaro

Partner at ICB Factory

Marcus Dapper


About the Brazilian Beer Institute (ICB)

Founded in 2010, ICB is the first school dedicated to training beer sommeliers in Brazil and the largest brewing education school in Latin America.

Mais de 7500 alunos formados

  • More than 7500 graduates
  • More than 5000 trained sommeliers
  • Headquarters in São Paulo with two classes of 130 students
  • Extension with Madalena Campus, installed at the headquarters of this premium brewery in Santo André
  • Offers courses in 8 Brazilian states (Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Federal District and Goiás)