One of the great innovations of the next Fispal Tecnologia will be the Brazilian Beverage Congress (Confrebras) in the TecnoDrink path at Fispal Tec Arena. The event, organized by the Brazilian Soft Drink Manufacturers Association (Afrebras), always brought together non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers and industry suppliers, and starting in 2019, will be held at Fispal Tecnologia, with a strong emphasis on the fair's content grid.

The objective of this partnership is to continue to provide dialogues, business and exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs, manufacturers and beverage industry enthusiasts.

In addition to the highly qualified content, AFREBRAS will provide other attractions:


Open to the public, at the bar the visitors can taste regional and typical soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, nectars and other drinks, of several Brazilian regions. The drinks are offered by the members of Afrebras to spread the diversity of regional factories.

In addition to the tasting, the Bar also offers networking structure, or a simple chat between suppliers, manufacturers and customers.


The new edition of The Best Flavors of Brazil is being conducted in three stages: Instructional visit; Audit; and Sensory Analysis. The first two qualifying stages are based on the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

During the event, Sensorial Analysis, the final stage of the contest, is voted by the public at Fispal Tecnologia 2019.


The second edition of the contest attracts companies that want to introduce more innovative flavors, ingredients and additives to the beverage industry.

In its first edition, held at Confrebras 2017, the winner of the award was International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), which launched Beerless Beer - a result of the balance between malt aromas and natural juices, capable of presenting a very approximate flavor and texture that of beer.

Get to know the history of the event Confrebras:

  • 7 events held;
  • 136 manufacturers associated with Afrebras;
  • Tastes of Brazil Bar - regional drinks from all over the country offered by members (soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, nectars and others);
  • 3 editions of the Cultural Contest The Best Flavors of Brazil - aimed at all associates with prizes in the categories Tubaína and Guaraná;
  • 1 edition of the Greatest Innovation Contest - with the participation of suppliers for the launching of aromas, ingredients and additives for beverages.