Fispal Tecnologia, along with SENAI SP, will present the "Industry 4.0 Mobile School - The Evolution of Automation", a demonstrator of a beverage production line, with industry 4.0 applications and trends.

The Mobile School is an innovative and modern teaching strategy that aims to train new professionals to work in this new industrial scenario, contributing to the upgrading of the industrial park and human capital.

The mobile unit integrates the most important enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, check out some of the concepts that will be explored:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber ​​Security
  • Digitization (digital simulation)
  • Advanced Robotics

The proposal is to demonstrate the applications of several industry 4.0 enabling technologies, with a production cell with several of these technologies working in practice. The first toast option is held in one of the cells, where a customizable and laser-engraved mobile phone holder is made.

The exhibition of the new Mobile School is a result of Senai São Paulo's effort to offer the industry what is most modern and relevant, a technological platform for training human resources for the fourth industrial revolution, and nothing better than being at Fispal Tecnologia.


SENAI will give several lectures in the space, among them "Biotechnology applied to the food industry" and "Applications of technologies of Industry 4.0 in the production line".

The program will be announced soon.

Public Service

The Mobile School will provide service to the public. More detail soon.


SENAI-SP, with the support of five units and partner companies, designed and built the innovative Industry 4.0 Mobile School - "The Evolution of Automation", aiming to group together a series of convergent technological concepts capable of bringing profound transformations taking into account the form in which modern industry will produce, with expressive gains of competitiveness.

For this reason, this theme has become a focus of action in practically all industrial sectors, such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Food, Beverages and Drugs, Metalworking, Automotive, Electrical and Electronics and Textiles.

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