Do you want to do business with food, beverage and packaging manufacturers? FISPAL TECNOLOGIA now has several digital and hybrid solutions.


Our main event to do business with food, beverage and packaging manufacturers!

FISPAL TEC has been a reference in the sector for over 35 years for suppliers who want to make a difference in the food sector and contribute to the transformation of this sector! In addition to the physical edition, we will also have exclusive content and actions on our digital platform: Swapcard.

Food & Beverage Industry Numbers in Brazil: 

With a highly qualified audience, Fispal Tecnologia, gathers more than 39,370 professionals from the entire production chain who look for solutions in products and services. Be a part of the largest technology trade show for the food, beverage and packaging industries in Latin America.

• The country is the world leader in the production of oranges, producing three out of five orange yoke pots drunk in the world and exporting to 90 countries around the globe;

• Processes 58% of agricultural production in the country;

• Income from “Food & Beverage” segment reached US$ 200 billion in annual sales;

• Represents 18% of all national exports;

• The Brazilian food industry corresponds to 9.8% of GDP.

Get ready for Fispal Technology on June 21st to 24th, 2022, at São Paulo Expo, Brazil.

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We are specialists in the food sector who need to keep up with changing consumer habits, new ways of consuming products, as well as changes across society.

We work to offer these professionals quality content, present trends and offer solutions so that they can always innovate!

Our products range from text content projects, videos, audios, projects and events customized for each company. 

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The only platform on the market that brings together in the same environment the same pillars of the physical edition of the fair: content, business and networking.

Designed to create opportunities for the food market 365 days a year, the platform will enhance business and contacts with an artificial intelligence that will connect buyers to sellers based on interests, purchasing potential and consumer behavior.



Solutions in packages, packaging machines, marking and coding.


Industrial furnaces, machines for food and beverage processing, mills, refrigeration, and much more.


All types of equipment and accessories such as scales and industrial pumps, filters, compressors, valves, reducers, among others. There are also the main automation and logistics companies that bring innovations in industrial automation, conveyor belts, boxers, palletizers and other solutions.