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Asia Package

Asia Package Industry Publishing Company founded in 1998. The company is the leading publisher of packaging & Food industry in Taiwan, dealing in both of packaging & food industry fields and professional in promote  of packaging industry with concept of modern innovation, we are constantly expanding Taiwan manufacturers in the international market.


A maior convenção sobre processos, tecnologia e embalagem do Conosur.

Dr Harnisch

Dr. Harnisch Publications is a long standing publisher of professional trade magazines based in Nuremberg, Germany, and has specialized in the area of food and beverage, woodworking, promotions and incentives, and Business Guides. The company was founded in 1919 and established itself through the export journal "Übersee-Post".

Editrice Zeus

Editrice Zeus, magazine publishing house, focusing on technologies, machinery and equipment for food&beverage and packaging industries, since 1981. Rassegna Alimentare was the first technical magazine published by Editrice Zeus; bimonthly, it achieves in a short time a great relevance thanks to its revolutionary features and graphics.

Italian Food & Beverage Technology

most important and complete magazine in English, focused on the current state
of Italian technological development in the food and beverage sector. The
purpose of this publication is to report articles and news of fairs concerning
 Italian Technology, in relation to all branches of the food industries.
Italian machine manufacturers are in fact appreciated all over the world and
this magazine is therefore the most effective tool to learn about the most
recent progress made in the food and beverage production and packaging sectors.

This magazine is available free of charge in PDF on

Red Alimentaria

Red Alimentaria es una empresa Argentina, con una trayectoria de más de 20 años en el mercado de los alimentos. Se especializa en brindar consultoría estratégica comercial para el sector de la industria alimentaria de América Latina y el Caribe, siendo así un  referente para productores, compañías proveedoras de maquinarias, insumos y servicios. Red Alimentaria genera negocios para empresas de la Agroindustria especializadas en la Industria cárnica, así como Instituciones públicas y privadas pertenecientes a los distintos actores del mercado.


TecnAlimentaria Food Industry is a bi-monthly issue, in Italian and English, distributed through subscriptions to the 7000 enterprises of the food industry, encompassing the agri-food, canning, dairy, bakery, confectionery and pastry sectors. It is a tool for users of machinery and plants of the food processing, packaging, and packing as well as automation and equipment sectors.