In addition to the space for networking and business at the trade show, there will be attractions to share information and knowledge.


The largest update meeting of the Food & Beverage chain. 2 days of event | 20h of content | 500 delegates | 36 speakers

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The project presented an actual production line, explaining the technologies applied to productive process of an Advanced Manufacturing environment, which delivered a product completely customizable, according to the consumers’  preferences.

In partnership with the Associação Brasileira de Embalagem (ABRE), the Lounge gathered from agencies responsible for the creation of pieces up to small and medium manufacturers to foster the exchange of information and present trends and solutions for the segment through lecturers, with 20 minutes of duration.

With SENAI-SP as a partner, the Lounge da Inovação (Innovation Lounge) will present 20 original and innovative projects to food and beverage industry.


The project brought the possibility to experience the whole process of idea generation to solve the challenges with the help of professionals from several technological areas. 

At the Industry 4.0 Demonstrator – Food & Beverages space, the IMT offered exclusive service to the industries visiting the space, aiming to show the steps to be followed in order to reach the concept of Industry 4.0. Besides that, 3 industries will be selected and will receive free consultancy for 6 months. The result of this work will be presented at Fispal Tecnologia 2018.

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