Reasons to visit Fispal Tecnologia:

Fispal Tecnologia is the largest meeting point for professionals from the food and beverage industry in Latin America; 

• If you are involved in research & development, engineering and/or acquisition of machines for packaging production line, logistics and process in the food and beverage industries, this is the event you shall not miss;

• Presence of Brazilian and international companies with a diversified mix of products;

• A 4-day event to check out the innovations and the trends in the industry closely;

• Identify new markets to invest and do business; 

• Networking - the fair is the perfect place to increase your relationship network and potential business

• Parallel events specially designed to bring cutting-edge content and to help in decision-making;  


Automation and Logistics


Equipment, accessories and services

Marking and coding

Packaging machines


Apart from being one of the biggest metropolis in the Americas and the 6th largest city in the world, São Paulo is quite a unique city in even in Brazilian terms. Alone, it is responsible for 18% of Brazilian GDP, giving it the 10th largest city GDP in the world, São Paulo is the most important financial center in Brazil, attracting investors from all over the world, mainly from Latin America.

Home to more than 11 million inhabitants, São Paulo has daily air connections with more than 26 countries and 130 cities inside and outside Brazil and a hotel network renowned for being the largest in Latin America. A consecrated business destination, the city receives more than 90,000 events per year, one every 6 minutes. Of the large annual trade shows that take place in Brazil, 75% are held here in the São Paulo state capital, attracting 4 million visitors every year.

The city further boasts a mixture of arts and vanguard, entertainment and gastronomy, business and leisure, offering a multi-sensory experience to its visitors.

Gateway for the principal business in Latin America, the city of São Paulo exerts great influence, both nationally and internationally, not only from an economic viewpoint, but also cultural and political viewpoints.

The city of São Paulo has a GDP of approximately R$ 450 bn, and if it were a country it would boast the 36th largest economy in the world, ahead of countries such as Portugal, Finland and Hong Kong. (Source: FecomercioSP)

São Paulo is home to the third largest Stock Exchange in the world in terms of market value, being the largest in Latin America and the second largest on the American continent.

It is further renowned for its ethnic wealth, the consequence of immigration from all over the world and important multinational corporations that have identified the great opportunities have established themselves here, guaranteeing São Paulo the title of International Metropolis.