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During the four-day event, over 44,000 professionals from the industry immersed themselves in trends, negotiations, and learning.

Held between June 27th and 30th at São Paulo Expo Fispal Tecnologia and TecnoCarne concluded with impressive results: over 44,000 people visited the simultaneous trade shows. They had the opportunity to witness firsthand the trends and innovative technologies in the food and beverage industry. Attendees could gain knowledge through content arenas and expand their networking opportunities.

“We are extremely pleased with the success of Fispal Tecnologia and TecnoCarne 2023. The approximately 7% increase in the number of visitors compared to last year and the numerous positive feedback reinforce the industry's engagement and the importance of this event for the sector," says Marina Cappi, event manager. All the exhibitors highlighted the qualification of the attendees. "Fispal Tecnologia reaffirmed its importance in transforming the food and beverage industry by showing technological innovations in packaging, processing, automation, and logistics.

Meanwhile, TecnoCarne once again validated its position as the main gathering of the protein sector, bringing together meat processing companies from across the country, from the largest to the smallest, as well as the leading suppliers in the market," she adds.

Cappi emphasizes that this edition also stood out for further aligning the objectives of exhibitors, attractions, and the audience: "The qualified attendance resulted in business deals and exchanges that will continue on the digital
platform throughout the rest of the year.”

On the exhibitors' side, the feeling was one of satisfaction. "The trade show was wonderful; the attendees came with a clear focus on closing deals. They didn't come just for a casual visit. In other words, we had a highly qualified audience.

Some of the biggest food and beverage industry players sat at our table to negotiate. We are extremely optimistic and have already reserved a space for next year," shares Thiago Chiaratti, CEO of Stack, a company that debuted at
Fispal Tecnologia.

GEMÜ do Brasil, which has already presented its solutions in valves and measuring devices in other editions of the fair, also left its impressions about Fispal Tecnologia 2023: “For another year, we participate in Fispal Tecnologia with the certainty that events like this strengthen the GEMÜ brand and provide a relationship with our customers and the food and beverage value chain.

GEMÜ's essence is innovation, quality and partnership with its network of contacts, and we feel gratified with the structure presented at the fair and with the substantial number of visitors that came to know our history and our products", says Andreas Gohringer, general director of the company.

One of the significant exhibiting companies at TecnoCarne, Ulma Packaging, also emphasized the importance of participating in the event. "The trade show was very well-attended, and we received a lot of positive feedback regarding the organization and booths. We introduced a complete line of automation as a novelty. It is highly relevant to demonstrate on-site to the customer how our equipment works, from the primary packaging process to palletizing," shared Lucimara Paganini, Sales, and Marketing Coordinator.

Handtmann, which showcased the latest advances in machine processes at TecnoCarne, also emphasized the quality of the attendees. "We received visitors from both the meat market and other sectors. We were pleasantly surprised by the attendance, especially on the second day when we made many contacts and secured several business deals. The trade show met our expectations in terms of business opportunities, acquiring new clients, and networking," celebrated Mariocy Bonfim, the company's director.

TecnoCarne: the new benchmark for the protein industry Trimming, removing nerves and fat, deboning, and other cutting techniques were displayed for those who visited TecnoCarne 2023.

At the Vitrine, da Carne (Meat Showcase), one of the busiest spaces at the trade show, Marcelo Bolinha, a meat specialist, professional butcher and griller, and creator of the Brazilian School of Butchers and Grillers, joined forces with Roberto Barcellos, a national authority in quality meat development and consulting. Relaxingly, they shared their experiences and knowledge, engaging the audience and creating a vibrant learning atmosphere and camaraderie.

"Participating in Fispal Tecnologia and TecnoCarne 2023 was an incredible experience. As an agronomist with over 25 years of experience in the quality meat sector, I am extremely pleased to see how the industry is adapting and
responding to post-pandemic demands. Consumers are increasingly focused on products with guaranteed origin and value items with longer shelf life compared to chilled products," said Barcellos.

The expert also discussed other trends, saying, "I noticed an interesting trend towards smaller portion sizes suitable for meal consumption. Consumers are seeking convenience and practicality, which opens up opportunities for the
industry to offer solutions that meet these demands.”

According to Barcellos, products with quality and affordable prices have a competitive advantage over sophisticated and expensive items: “Consumers are more aware of their choices and look for products that fit their budgets
without compromising quality.”

And concluded, "As a speaker at TecnoCarne, I had the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge about brand development and consulting throughout the livestock production chain to meat retail. It was rewarding to see the interest and engagement of the participants, demonstrating the importance of pursuing innovation and excellence in this sector.”

Visitors Share Their Impressions

Considering diverse objectives, over 44,000 people visited Fispal Tecnologia and TecnoCarne in 2023. Whether seeking equipment, contacts, or knowledge, attendees shared their impressions of the trade shows. Kátia Moreno from Ok Alimentos, a company based in Bahia, attended the event in search of modern technologies. As a regular attendee who had only missed the event during the pandemic, she expressed great satisfaction with the size and variety of the trade shows this year. She stated, "I have been coming for several years, always looking for innovation and new machines for the food sector. Fispal delivers all of that".

With impressions along the same lines, Adauto Silva, commercial representative of Poli-Gyn Embalagens, visited Fispal for the second time and also commented on how the fair evolved over the years: "I really liked it. It has several modern technologies, and I am making many contacts Congratulations, the fair evolves with each edition".

In addition to ample space for business, Fispal Tecnologia and TecnoCarne is a meeting place to expand knowledge. Mayara Oliveira is a Chemical Engineering student at Unifesp and is currently involved in a scientific initiation project in plastics and thermoplastics. She attended the fair to gain a practical understanding of what she already learned in theory during her studies. "I am finding the fair very interesting. Modern technologies are impressing me!

I am even able to relate university subjects with the solutions presented by the exhibitors.”

The next edition of Fispal Tecnologia and TecnoCarne will occur from June 18th to 21st, 2024.

About Informa Markets

Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and markets specializing in doing business, innovating, and growing. Its global portfolio comprises 550 events and international brands, more than 30 in Brazil, in markets such as Industry, Health and Nutrition, Infrastructure, Construction, Food and Beverage, Agribusiness, Technology, and Telecom.


The fair brought together 480 exhibitors with solutions, equipment, technology, and trends for the food and beverage industries. Arena FispalTec and the new attractions have contributed with over 200 hours of content with big names in the market

The 35th Fispal Technology, the largest and most comprehensive fair for the food and beverage industry in Latin America, presented the main solutions, equipment, services, innovations, and trends of more than 1,500 exhibiting brands to 39,370 visitors. The commemorative edition, which was held from June 25 to 28 at São Paulo Expo, also had relevant content and attractions that helped to improve the knowledge of the professionals attending the event.

For Marina Cappi, the fair's Show Manager, the expansion of the content space was this edition's highlight, providing a platform with more than 200 hours of lectures. "For Fispal Technology, offering this opportunity to our visitors is very important in order to establish contact with representatives of large companies and access to successful cases and experiences," she says.

The 35-year commemorative edition attracted over 100 new exhibiting companies to the pavilion, applying a mix of products, services, and solutions for the industry, as well as strengthening Fispal's position as the stage for the launch of technologies and innovations in the sector.

In addition, explains Marina, "The increased interest of new exhibitors is directly related to the increasing participation of decision makers, who really seek the fair because it is a business environment conducive to establishing new contacts and partnerships." The executive adds that Fispal Technology brings more and more solutions to companies of all sizes, from small to large.


The environment of Fispal Technology was proven to be suitable for prospecting and closing new businesses. Bramak, which produces filling machines, for example, has exceeded all goals for this edition. According to Felicio Granato, CEO of the company Piracicaba, in the countryside of São Paulo, there was a 200% increase in machine sales compared to last year. "We closed deals and were able to prospect every day of the fair," he says. To get an idea of the company's good performance during the event, all 12 machines on display at the booth were sold. "And we still have chances to close more deals originated at the fair this year," he says.

Grupo SMI, a global producer of bottling and packaging machines, has had one of the best results ever achieved at the fair. José Ademir Morgillo, SMI's administrator, says that, in the four days of the event, eight high added value equipment were sold. This is 50% higher than last year. "The improvement in the economic landscape and all Marketing work carried out by Fispal Technology helped attract an interested audience to close deals," he says.

With its headquarters in Joinville, Santa Catarina, the company Termotécnica – which produces everything from packaging solutions to components – premiered its participation in Fispal Technology with a focus on expanding its niche. According to Nivaldo Fernandes de Oliveira, superintendent director of the company, Fispal provided contact and prospection in new and different segments. "The fair provided us with a great diversity and also a more qualified public," said the executive.


To further stimulate new deals, Fispal Technology has conducted two rounds of business.  The international debut that had buyers from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay and moved more than R$ 13 million. The national round generated revenue of more than R$ 10 million, which represents an increase of 8% over last year.

Fispal Technology has partnered with important entities representing the food industry in South America. They include CEPALI – Chamber of Paraguayan Food Companies; CIALI – International Chamber of Food; Chile Alimentos – Association of Food Companies of Chile; and Redalimentaria.

Attending Fispal Technology for 20 years, Raumak was in the international round for the first time. According to Rodolfo Schatz Silva, the company's export manager, the meetings were very objective and had clients in search of business consolidation. "I'm leaving with six opportunities, five of them are confirmed business, plus a possible new rep. It was a great opportunity to present our machines in more depth and to better understand what our customers need."


Fispal Technology has proven its international strength with a 12% increase in international exhibition area over last year's edition. The fair brought together 71 companies from 13 different nations and had pavilions from France, China, Turkey, Italy, and the United States.

According to Erica Di Giovancarlo, general director for Brazil at ITA – Italian Trade Agency, is the second time in a row that the Italian Pavilion is in Fispal Technology. This year it is held in a larger exhibition space with nine companies, three more than in 2018.  "There's an almost unanimous feeling of satisfaction with the new contacts developed and new projects that, in the near future, may evolve into negotiations and new contracts," she says.

International attendance was also boosted this year. In the four days, the fair was attended by visitors from 42 countries.


The governor of São Paulo, João Doria, together with the director of ITAL (Food Technology Institute), Luis Madi, and the chairman of the Informa group, Marco Basso, attended the opening plenary session of FispalTec Content Arena, the great news for this edition of the event, composed of 4 large Forums: the Fispal Technology Forum, which approached factory management and Industry 4.0; TecnoDrink, with content focused on the beverage industry; the Packaging Forum, which addressed the main trends and innovations for packaging; and the Digital Marketing Forum, which presented digital marketing cases for the food and beverage industries.

At the time, Doria emphasized the importance of the state of São Paulo to the country's economy and the role of the food and beverage industries in this context. In addition to the forums, the public was able to attend a wide schedule with content from entities and partner associations, such as ABIA – Brazilian Association of Food Industries; ABIMAPI – Brazilian Association of Industrialized Biscuit, Pasta and Breads & Cakes Industries; ABIQ – Brazilian Association of Cheese Industries; ABIS – Brazilian Association of the Ice Cream Industries and Sector; Abiad – Brazilian Association of the Food Industry for Special and Congener Purposes; AmazonasCap; Afrebras – Association of Brazilian Soft Drink Manufacturers, and SENAI Technology Institute, which was attended by 580 congressmen.

Economist Ricardo Amorim was the Keynote Speaker at FispalTec Arena. Active in the financial market since 1992, he currently shares all his knowledge through lectures and consultancies. During the event, Amorim presented an analysis of the current economic situation in Brazil and the scenario of the food and beverage industries.

FispalTec Arena also brought keynote speakers from large companies such as Ambev, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Danone, Coca-Cola, Petrópolis Group, Kraft Heinz, Seara, Heineken, Natura, Klabin, Tetra Pak, among others.


Visitors to the fair also had access to a series of free experiences and consultancies to enhance their business. Cafezinho com Tecnologia was developed with Mauá Technology Institute to show small and medium industries how to start the journey of digital transformation.

Vegan Option, held with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB), offered free service to answer questions about the process of including vegan products or recipes in the industry portfolio. Visitors also had the opportunity to attend lectures on the subject.

Craft Beer Arena, which featured over 100 hours of content by experts from the Brazilian Beer Institute, tastings, and free consultancies, was also a great success among atendees. The space received over a thousand visits from entrepreneurs and beverage manufacturers who were able to be updated on raw materials, international beer schools, and production processes.

At Fispal Tec Experience, visitors had the opportunity to see up close how to turn packaging into experiences, using Augmented Reality and were able to better understand the benefits of this technology.

Technical visits to the headquarters of food and beverage industries were also another innovation of the 35th Fispal Technology. Around 150 participants met the industrial units of Nespresso, Grupo Petrópolis, Wessel, and the Microbrewery of the Brazilian Beer Institute.


The participation of the SENAI Institute, a reference in professional education, was expanded in the 35th edition of Fispal Technology. Attendees were able to learn more about the evolution of industrial automation at Mobile School Industry 4.0 and see the integration of technologies that optimize the production process.

Solutions Lab solved innovation challenges of two industries with the help of professionals from various technological areas of SENAI. Minerva Foods wanted an online pH measurement system in the meat cooling process and Ananse Química turned to SENAI experts to promote an olfactory experience before opening the packaging of a product, that is, to use the smell to the advantage of the brand so that the customer is attracted by the smell.

Innovation Lounge brought 10 totally innovative products that were created by students of the SENAI Institute. An edible packaging with orange residues, a vegan jackfruit sausage and Donopet, a healthy snack for humans and pets, attracted visitors' attention. The next step is to capture industries that are looking for food and beverages that are new and ready to be manufactured and launched in the market.

The SENAI Institute was also leading Startups Pitches that brought together Foods Techs who presented solutions for food and beverage industries.


Fispal Technology once again held a ABRE Packaging Lounge, in partnership with the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE). In the space, the ABRE Lecture Circuit received representatives of member companies in 20-minute lectures that addressed new technologies, design, and innovation. In addition to offering content, the Lounge was voted for the ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award in the category "Popular Vote".


The Fispal brand, which began as a meeting of engineers called the Feira de Insumos para Alimentos [Food Supplies Fair], at Anhembi Convention Center, today represents the largest meeting of the industry in Latin America. In 2001, with the aim of serving the food and beverage industry and the outside home food industry, Fispal has segmented into two fairs: Fispal Technology – International Technology Fair for Food and Beverage Industries and Fispal Food Service: International fair for products and services for outside home food. The brand also added Fispal Icecreams – Technology Fair for the Professional Ice Cream Industry and Fispal Café: Trade fair for the Coffee industry. The fairs, which are now accompanying the changes and the evolution of the market in Brazil and in the world, are marked by the launch of new technologies, products, professionalization of labor and expansion to new markets. Currently, Fispal brand is made up of fairs that serve the entire food and beverage chain, from raw material, machines, equipment and processes, to outside home food industry.Learn more at:


Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialized markets to do business, innovate and grow. Our global portfolio is comprised of over 550 events and international brands, with more than 30 of them in Brazil, in markets such as Health and Nutrition, Infrastructure, Construction, Food and Beverage, Agribusiness, Technology and Telecom, Metal Mechanics, among others. We offer customers and partners around the world networking opportunities, chances to live experiences and do business through fairs and face-to-face events, specialized digital content and market intelligence solutions, building a relationship and business voyage between companies and markets 365 days a year.Learn more at

Experts point out what already is real and what is a trend in the packaging market, with a highlight to the content to be exhibited in Brazil during the Innovapack, at Fispal Tecnologia 2020.

Fispal Tecnologia, one of the greatest events in food the food industry, will be in October, but is already boosting the market with new novelties. One of the main attractions of the event will be InnovaPack, a free-access space for visitors, dedicated to the latest innovations in packaging worldwide.

By an initiative of Fispal Tecnologia, the event counts on the strategic partnership of ABRE (Associação Brasileira de Embalagem, and the collaboration of WPO (World Pacakging Organisation), the most important packaging organization in the world. “InnovaPack will be a unique opportunity so that the Brazilian industry is aligned with the latest features in science, technology, engineering, and design,” affirms Fispal Tecnologia show manager Marina Cappi.

The event will present the winners of the latest edition of WorldStar Packaging Awards, a WPO award that recognized the greatest world innovations in labels, packaging, components, and packaging technologies. According to WPO president Pierre Pienaar, the event will be an opportunity for connection and updating for Brazilian businesspersons. “It will be the first time that WPO takes part of such an initiative in Brazil”, states. “The packaging universe is in constant changes, and following such proceedings can be challenging for big companies. So, we need to be attentive to the trends.”

Anticipating the content that can be seen at Innovapack, Pienaar states that the main trends for the next years are related with sustainability, food safety, smart packaging, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

Who corroborates with Piennar’s opinion is augmented and virtual reality expert Henry Assef. According to him, the industry is preparing itself for the use of interactive packaging without the use of applications, from mobile devices, by using features such as the browser.  In this background, Assets mentions the use of social media for promoting interaction through augmented reality. “Another differential of this technology is that it allows accessibility by providing to customers with deficiency with access to special videos, audios, and subtitles”, affirms. 

The experts mentions safety as a trend as well. With the development of the Brazilian delivery market, the technologies that ensure the integrity of products and packaging will be a great differential. The consumer has been even more using applications to buy diverse products, and he wants to be sure that he is receiving a product of quality and that has not been violated.

Artificial intelligence

One of the greatest trends in the latest years - and that is still booming, is artificial intelligence. Experts point out that artificial intelligence is increasingly developed in service of the customer, transforming the experience of purchasing through features that can analyze information in real time, by checking, for instance, nutritionaland origin information.

The industry and owners of markets can enhance their business through features such as automatic reading on shelves for replacement of products, cleaning inspection on desks and customer service areas, inspection on the waiting time at the queue, and conversion analysis (quantity of customers on the site x sales volume).

Fispal Tecnologia
October 07-10 | São Paulo Expo - SP

Fispal Tecnologia is an event that combines experiences, solutions, technology, and content for Food, Beverage, and Packaging industries. The goal is to help big companies face new challenges, and provide solutions that meet the demanding needs from customers and the market. More information about proceeding with your registration available on: 

About Informa Markets 
Informa Markets creates platforms for specialized industries and markets for business, innovation, and growth. Our global portfolio comprises over 550 international events and brands, over 30 being inBrazil, in markets such as Health and Nutrition, Infrastructure, Civil Works, Food and Beverage, Agribusiness, Technology and Telecommunication, Metalworking, and others.

We offer to customers and partners worldwide with opportunities for networking, experiences, and business through exhibitions and events, specialized digital content, and smart market solutions, building a journey of relationship and business between companies and markets 365 days a year.

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The commemorative edition of the most important fair for the Food and Beverage industry in Latin America will introduce new attractions.

Areas for technical content will also be expanded, further contributing to the professional update of attendants.

Fispal Tecnologia, the International Technology Fair for the Food and Beverage industries, celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2019 and will promote an even more comprehensive edition with a series of innovations for attendants.

Organized by Informa Exhibitions, on June 25-28, at São Paulo Expo, the event, which will gather over 400 exhibitors, will have as its main attraction the Fispal Tec Arena, a new 360° space for 600 attendants featuring panels, lectures and discussions.

The event will present the TecnoDrink, where major market players will debate solutions for the growth and development of the beverage industry; the 3rd Fispal Tecnologia Forum, whose speakers include representatives of major industries in the country; and the Packaging Forum, the main meeting point for this important segment.

The Arena will also feature content presented by partner entities and associations, such as ABIMAPI – The Brazilian Association of Biscuit, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Buns Industries; ABIQ – The Brazilian Association of Cheese Industries; and ABIS – The Brazilian Association of Ice Cream Industries and Sector; ABIA – Food Industries Association; ABIAD – The Brazilian Association of the Food Industry for Special and Similar Purposes.Providing content and institutional support to the fair are ITAL – Food Technology Institute, which will be the coordinator of the Opening Session; ABRACERVA – The Brazilian Association of Craft Beer; CERVBRASIL – The Brazilian Association of the Beer Industry and Afrebras – Association of Manufacturers of Soft Drinks in Brazil.“The Fispal Tecnologia attendant is greatly interested in updating and being familiar with the main trends of the Food and Beverage industry.

For this reason, we are working to offer a wide range of topics that will actually impact business positively,” explains Clélia Iwaki, Director of Informa Exhibitions.

The successful partnership with SENAI will also be expanded for next year, as the entity will be at the forefront of a new version of the Industry’s Demonstrator 4.0 – focusing on the beverage industry.

Expected to return in the next edition, the Solutions Lab is an attraction that solves the challenges of companies with the help of professionals from different technological areas of the Institute.

The Innovation Lounge, which is also returning, will showcase 10 unreleased and ready-to-market products.For the third consecutive year, INSTITUTO MAUÁ DE TECNOLOGIA will bring to the fair the concepts of industry 4.0 through technologies already available in Brazil and which may provide greater productivity and competitiveness to the Brazilian food industry.

With the support of the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE), the ABRE Packaging Lounge will bring together professionals who work in parts creation agencies and small- and medium-scale manufacturers to enhance the exchange of information and showcase the main trends and solutions for the segment. The space will also feature the ABRE Circuit of Lectures, with presentations of 20 minutes on new technologies and design.

Another confirmed attraction is the Craft Beer Arena, which was introduced in the 2018 edition, and will return even more comprehensive. Conceived in partnership with Instituto Cerveja Brasil, the space will offer lectures to encourage the exchange of knowledge about this growing beer tasting market, offering a better experience for attendants and a free 15-minute consultation on two topics: what are the next steps to create a craft brewery and product innovation.


In order to increase the attendance of international exhibitors and visitors, Fispal Tecnologia will promote a Business Round for the foreign market, with the presence of decision-makers in search of new technologies, products and suppliers, as well as a Round for the Brazilian market.

Another initiative to attract this audience is the creation of a Spanish version of the Fispal Digital content channel, which will be launched on January 2019.“In these 35 years, we have taken a great leap forward in terms of quality and quantity of internal attendance.

Our goal now is to expand markets and strengthen the fair internationally,” concludes Clélia Iwaki.


The Fispal brand, which was conceived as a meeting of engineers then known as Food Supplies Fair, held at Palácio de Convenções do Anhembi, currently represents the largest meeting of the industry in Latin America. In 2001, in order to cater to the Food and Beverage industry and the Food-Away-From-Home industry, Fispal focused on two fairs: Fispal Tecnologia – the International Technology Fair for the Food and Beverage Industries and Fispal Food Service: the International Fair for products and services for food-away-from-home.

The brand also added Fispal Sorvetes – Technology Fair for the Professional Ice Cream Industry and Fispal Café: Business Fair for the Coffee Industry.The fairs, which nowadays follow the changes and the evolution of the Brazilian and global markets, are known for the launch of new technologies, products, professionalization of labor and for the expansion to new markets.

Currently, the Fispal brand consists of fairs catering to the entire food and beverage chain, from the raw material, going through machinery, equipment and processes, to the food-away-from-home industry.

For more information, please visit:


Informa Exhibitions establishes communities and connects people and brands around the world and, upon aligning the contents of its fairs with a new digital strategy, generates opportunities and relationships 365 days a year.

With offices in São Paulo (headquarters) and Curitiba and nearly 200 professionals, the company’s portfolio includes brands such as Agrishow, Fispal Tecnologia, Fispal Food Service, ForMóbile, Futurecom, ABF Franchising Expo, Serigrafia SIGN FutureTEXTIL, Feimec, Expomafe, Plástico Brasil, High Design Home & Office Expo, among others, totaling 21 industry events.

Around the globe, it operates with 150 offices in 57 countries and is a leader in business intelligence, academic publications, knowledge and events, publicly traded and securities listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

Event reaches its 35th edition being the main reference in technology show and relevance content.

The largest gathering for the food and beverage industries in Latin America has been opened for accreditation.

Fispal Tecnologia 2019, which will take place from June 25 to 28 at São Paulo Expo, will present the main trends, launches and technologies in packaging, packaging machines, marking and coding, processes, equipment, accessories, logistics and automation.

To sigN up, which is exclusively for professionals of the food and beverage industry, just click on the “Sign up” at the official website. A simple and intuitive platform offers the option for registering via Facebook or LinkedIn login. To withdraw the credential, participants must inform the registration number in self-service Totems at the entrance of the pavilion.

Fispal Technology, which is carried out by Informa Exhibitions -a business unit of Informa Group-, is an important showcase for news that brings a series of attractions with relevant content to food and beverage industry.

The main innovation of this edition, FispalTec Arena, is a new 360 ° space for 600 panelists, lectures and debates that is considered the largest content platform for the food and beverage industry.

The timetable of Fispal technology will present: the Fispal Technology Forum, focused on industrial management with presence of major industries representatives in the country; TecnoDrink, which proposes solutions for beverage industry growth and development; Packaging Forum and Digital Marketing Forum, in addition to content submitted by entities and partner associations.

The SENAI Institute of Technology will once again be at the forefront of the Solutions Lab - Innovation Lounge and will be responsible for the premiere of “Mobile Industry School 4.0 - The Evolution of Automation", a demonstrator of a beverage production line that aims to empower new professionals and contribute to updating of the Brazilian industrial park.

The Cerveja Artesanal Arena, held in partnership with Instituto da Cerveja Brasil, returns to this edition more complete offering better experiences for visitors such as beer tasting and free 15 minutes consultation.

ABRE Packaging Lounge, held in partnership with the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE), is already confirmed, too.

One innovation of this year is Vegan Option; it is a free consultancy for food and beverage industries that are interested in producing products with these characteristics. Anyone who join Vegan Option will have information on formulations of new products and adaptations of vegan ingredients in existing products.

It is important to highlight that there will be technical visits for the factories of ICB (Cervejaria Escola), Wessel and for the Petrópolis Group, during the fair. "We work to offer our participants and exhibitors a complete event, with a lot of content for professional updating. Not always a brand completes 35 years as the leader of a market as important as the trade fairs " says Clélia Iwaki, director of Fispal Technology and Fispal Food Service fairs.


Fispal Food Service, another Informa Exhibitions fair, takes place between June 11 and 14 at Expo Center Norte.The event, which also celebrates 35 years, brings together solutions, launches and innovations for restaurants, pizzerias, snack bars, bars, hotels, distributors, ice cream industry, ice cream shops, professional cafeteria and other establishments in the food away from home market. 


Fispal brand, which began as a meeting of engineers called the “Food Feeds Fair”, at the Anhembi Convention Center, today represents the largest meeting of the sector in Latin America.

In 2001, in order to serve food and beverage industry and food away from home industry, Fispal focused on two fairs: Fispal Tecnologia - International Technology Fair for Food and Beverage industries and Fispal Food Service: Food away from home products and services international fair. The brand has also added Fispal Ice Cream - Technology Fair for the Professional Ice Cream Industry and Fispal Café: Business Fair for the Coffee Industry.

These fairs, which have followed the changes and the evolution of the market in Brazil and all over the world, are marked by launches of new technologies, products, labor professionalization and expansion of new markets.

Currently, Fispal brand is made up of fairs that serve the entire food and beverage chain, including raw material, machinery, equipment and processes, and food away from home sector.

More information:


Informa Exhibitions creates communities and connects people and brands around the world. In addition, allying the deliveries of its fairs with a new digital strategy, generates opportunities and relationships 365 days a year.

With offices in São Paulo (headquarters), Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba and around 300 professionals, the company has in its portfolio brands such as Agrishow, Hospitalar, Fispal Tecnologia, Fispal Food Service, ForMóbile, Futurecom, ABF Franchising Expo, FuturePrint, Feimec, Expomafe, Plastic Brazil, High Design Home & Office Expo, Intermodal totalizing 17 sectoral events.

Worldwide, it operates in 150 offices in 57 countries and is a leader in business intelligence, scholarly publications, knowledge and events, publicly traded and London-listed securities.