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2018 Final Release

Fispal Tecnologia concludes its 2018 edition and is already preparing a surprising event in commemoration of its 35 years

The Exhibition was held at SP Expo and gathered more than 38 thousand people who checked out the latest technologies developed for the food and beverage sector distributed in 440 exhibitors

The 34th edition of Fispal Tecnologia - International Technology Fair for Food and Beverage Industry - held from June 26 to 29, at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, reached the best result ever recorded in relation to qualification of the visiting public. For four days, about 38,600 people were able to check out the news of the 440 exhibitors as well as the attractions offered, such as Fispal Forum, Industry Demonstrator 4.0, Solutions Lab, Innovation Lounge and the Craft Beer Arena - which was held for the first time. Despite not having registered a higher volume of visitors in comparison with 2017, mainly because it occurred during FIFA World Cup month and in the week in which the Brazilian national team played in the championship, the number of representatives with industry decision-making power of the food sector increased considerably. "They were attracted by the dynamism of the fair and also by the amount of innovations presented," says Clélia Iwaki, director of Informa Exhibitions, the company that organizes the event. In 2019, Fispal Tecnologia, which turns 35, will take place from June 25 to 28. The contract renewal of the exhibitors exceeded the expectations of the organization.

As a result of the mentioned interest of professionals with decision-making at the fair, Bramak, a company specializing in filling machines for the food industry, registered a significant jump in turnover. "In 2017 we sell a machine and this year we count the sales of six", comments Felicio Granato, commercial director of the company. Another company that celebrates good performance is Beckhoff. Of German origin and present in 75 countries, this specialist company of industrial automation systems once again achieved good results in its goal of fixing brand value in the industry. "We received the visit of important commercial partners interested in solutions and we can say that this number was as significant as last year," says Marcos Giorjiane, director of the company. "The Forum Fispal Tecnologia has helped to strengthen the image and our relationship with customers," he says.

Sunnyvale, specialist company of developing solutions for automation and systems integration, also celebrates the presence of a more qualified audience. "We have not yet verified the volume of business generated, but more in-depth interaction with our partners will lead to better results later," says João Fortes, product manager of the company that has participated in the event since its first edition.

Resumed by Informa Exhibitions in this edition, the business conference also performed well, with a turnover of almost R $ 10 million in equipment sales. In two hours 89 meetings were held, attended by 15 exhibitors.

Arena de Cerveja artesanal (Craft beer Arena)

Keeping in mind the steady expansion of the craft beer market, Informa Exhibitions has brought the Craft Beer Arena for the first time - featuring keynote presentations with important information on how to set up or manage a craft brewery. Among the contents covered were: management, product differences, production and ingredients. According to Luis Fernando Amaro, from the Brazilian Beer Institute (ICB) partner of the project, the public surpassed expectations. "There were more than 100 visitors per day interested in market, production and innovation information available for this segment," he says. And not for less: the Brazilian beer market annually produces 13 billion liters and is considered the third largest in the world. In this context, craft beer already represents 1% of this volume and 2.5% of total turnover. Because of this year's success, the Craft Beer Arena has already been confirmed for the 35th edition of Fispal Technology to be held in 2019.

Forum Fispal Tecnologia

Considered an important channel of knowledge by the visitors, the Forum Fispal Tecnologia counted with about 500 people in the two days of presentations. Among the most attractive theme speeches; those who approached Industry 4.0 and pointed out the changes that the food and beverage sector are passing to implement this concept of advanced manufacturing, were highlighted. This year, companies such as BRF, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Bauducco, Heineken, Kraft Heinz, Tetra Park and others were present. Next year, the Forum will present surprises to commemorate the 35 years of Fispal Technology.

4.0 Industry Demonstrator

The partnership with the Mauá Institute of Technology (IMT) brought to SP Expo a new version of the Industry Demonstrator 4.0 that brought together new concepts applied to the fair such as Digital Twin and Augmented Reality. The project received the participation of many visitors interested in knowing the futuristic production line that delivered a can of granola with many possibilities of personalization.

In addition to introducing innovations in manufacturing, IMT offered representatives of micro, small and medium-sized food and beverage industries the opportunity to receive free advice for six months. The companies that received support from the Institute in the last edition of Fispal Tecnologia, were also at the event and were able to explain more about the benefits of attendance.

For Professor Ari Costa, who was at the helm of the project, this successful partnership with the fair will continue with more surprises for the next edition. "We have exceeded our expectation and received several visitors with a good level of understanding of technology. In addition, around 100 companies apply to receive free advice to solve their problems. In 2019, we will come back with an even more revolutionary demonstrator, "he concludes.


Always willing to provide innovations and content that present solutions for the food and beverage industry, Fispal Tecnologia, in partnership with ABRE (Brazilian Packing Association), featured the Lounge ABRE of packaging, where lectures were given, designed to bring alternatives that generate more productivity for the industry. For 20 minutes, the presentations made by raw material manufacturers and, design agencies among others, attracted, in this edition, an average of 15 visitors per lecture. For Isabella Salibe, Commercial and Marketing Manager, this number surpassed expectations. "We recorded an average of 150 participants per day who were attracted mainly because the topics covered are sensitive to current industry needs, such as the search for packaging solutions that aim to reduce waste," says Isabella.

Another attraction that gained prominence during the four days of the fair was the Lounge Innovation idealized by the SENAI Institute of Technology. In this edition, professionals brought 10 innovative product designs available for commercialization. According to its director, Estebe Ormazabal Insausti, the number of projects this year was higher than the last edition. "This increase is mainly due to the success of this action, which was carried out for the first time in 2017. We have not yet made the balance, but we have verified that the list of companies interested in acquiring these products has practically doubled", he celebrates.

SENAI also took the Solutions Lab to Fispal Tecnologia. Starting at 2017, this action aims to foster technological innovation and to promote challenges that need solutions to leverage corporate productivity. It works as follows: four months before the fair, companies access the Institute's website and register a "challenge" that must be solved by technical experts. "The number of registrations jumped from 10 in 2017 to 40," Insausti reveals.


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