Fispal Tecnologia is the largest event for professionals working in factories of food and beverage industries or seeking to open a company to industrialize or processing food and beverages to sell them in retail and wholesale. The event presents the main market trends for these sectors, new solutions and technologies for the entire production line, regardless of the size of the company.

The event is sectorized by solutions, facilitating for the attendees and potentiating the generation of business and networking between buyers and suppliers. There are about400 exhibitors and 38,000 visitors from more than 35 countries that visit the event every year! You will find machinery suppliers, logistics solutions, marking and coding, industrial and pneumatic automation solutions, process technology,machinery and equipment for food and beverage processing and packaging, robotics, ready-made packaging, adhesives, labels and labels, packaging food, contamination control solutions and more!

In 2019, Fispal Tecnologia completes a milestone in its history: 35 years feeding business growth and connecting the food and beverage industry to suppliers throughout the production chain.You are our special guest to celebrate with us!

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The Brazilian Market

  • Largest producer and exporter of sugar cane and orange juice
  • Largest Exporter of meat
  • 2nd largest exporter of processed food
  • 3rd largert beer market

Latin America Market

  • Over 600 million inhabitants
  • USD 5.2 trillion GDP
  • 10 cities with over 3 million inhabitants

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